Use Smart Offline Techniques to Get Online Traffic


There are lot of ways you can effectively promote your online business to the offline world. Some techniques will require more aggression and work and will produce results. Making the transition from online to offline marketing sometimes can be difficult and outside our comfort zone, but to succeed with your business you need to expand it. Start with the ideas below and as you will make progress start increasing your marketing arsenal. Here are the ideas:

1. Have a Networking Party – Plan and invite your local and surrounding area business owners to a networking party. Brainstorm together to cross promote each other and bring leads to fellow business owners. Working together with other business owners can bring you a remarkable amount of success.

2. Brochures/Flyers – You can make your own brochures/ flyers at a very nominal cost and they can help build your business. Always carry them with you so you can hand them out at every opportunity. Include them in all your mailings and post them on bulletin boards where allowed. Hand them out at parades, community events, sporting events, etc. Be sure to add a call to action so your potential customer will take action. NOTE: Always check to see if you are allowed to distribute or hand out advertisements before you do so.

3. Advertise on Public Vehicles – Many of us have seen buses and other public vehicles plastered with ads. This could work very well for your business as well. Contact bus companies, taxi companies, utility companies, etc. to see what they would charge for your ad.

4. Sponsor Community Events - Children’s sports, charity events, picnics, fundraisers, etc., are all good events to sponsor. Getting involved in your community will definitely give your business a boost. Not only will you get excellent publicity but you will get additional networking opportunities as well.

5. Freebies – Freebies are always a good way to get your URL out into the world. Offer people ink pens, mouse pads, coffee cups, calendars, etc. Give as many out as you can! Be sure to give out freebies people will actually use.

6. Letterheads – Your URL, business name and logo should be on all mailings, letters and envelopes that leave your house. You can design your own stationery and envelopes. Greeting cards, postcards even the monthly bills should all have your business info!

7. Business Cards – Business cards are a great tool for you to spread the word about your business. Be creative. Use short but powerful testimonials. Add your URL and logo. Offer a coupon/ discount code for first orders. Add a special tip, motivational quote or personal message. Hand them out to everyone!

8. Discount Radio Shows – Many radio stations have local shows where they offer various coupons and discounts to listeners from area businesses. Call the radio station and find out how to participate. Offer specials on various products and/or services.

9. Public Restrooms – An unusual advertising idea that seems to be spreading is to post ads from various local businesses in the restrooms of stores, restaurants, etc. Call these places to see what it would cost to have your ad in their restroom. I know I read those ads all the time – what else is there to do. Also, ask restaurants about ads on their placemats.

10. Your Vehicle – Add a painted or magnetic sign to your vehicle. Be sure you use your URL and add a short tagline. Even a family fun day can bring you some new business!

Basically, the offline marketing ideas are endless so always be on the look-out for new, innovative methods to spread the word about your online business. Spread your wings and go outside your comfort zone! You will be amazed at some of the results.

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