The Importance Using Crawl Test for SEO


The using of Crawl Test for our site or web which also known as a Spider Test is extremely useful for analyzing website’s efficiency for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It means that you can check if your website equipped with sufficient levels of ‘crawl able’ or ‘browse able’ content after running it through a Crawl test. 

For more case, webmasters also used these tests for analyzing the Search Engine Stimulation of the websites designed by them. The results of such tests provide them with relevant information about the ability & performance of websites for search engines as well as for internet users who conduct these searches. Then a spider check if undertaken from time to time allows webmasters to gauge & make necessary changes to a website design for advanced functioning & constructive SEO results. 

It is easy to access a number of spider check software & tools on the internet which can provide a vague idea about a website’s proficiency in terms of its content & adherence to SEO.

A crawl test for SEO specifically checks the text content, java script/flash presence, title efficiency, keyword density etc. And on the basis of its results decides to update its features if required. 

Professional webmasters have been using Crawl test tool for SEO since the time it was first launched & believe that it can be much more useful & effective if it includes the feature of providing keyword density for phrases that are used in every webpage. 

Let us take a look at a few important features that most Crawl Test tools offer: Most Crawl test software is easily accessible on the internet and are available free of cost. Therefore, one can check his/her website efficiency without incurring additional expenditure. 

Moreover, this test can be run in the simplest form which further allows even amateurs /non-professional website developers to obtain crucial information about their websites. 

In addition to analyzing the effectiveness of your website, a few Crawl test tools/software also offers comprehensive hints about several crucial SEO metrics. A Crawl test for SEO gauges the current keyword density & offers an approximate value.

They do not use captcha and allow user to run the software for more than once within specific time intervals. This helps a webmaster to gauge his/her website constantly & accordingly update it on the basis of the information that is gathered through this test. It also grants users with additional SEO ideas & suggestion pertaining to Meta tags, text styles, fonts, http status code, primary keywords, internal links etc.

It helps in displaying the accessibility of the website to various Search Engines on the internet in addition to making the webmaster aware of the potential threats that the website may face due to inappropriate construction & designing. A Crawl test for SEO also performs necessary checks on the website’s URL & inbound links (up to 50 links per test)

Since the time Crawl test for SEO was introduced in the market, its software has undergone 2 important changes:
  • First, it no longer makes use of API (Yahoo extraction term) while recovering significant keywords.
  • Second, the user is granted to perform only one crawl test per day that analyzes only 5 WebPages, whereas paid members can obtain several reports in a day and check up to 50 WebPages.


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