How to Provide Best Contents to Your Site


If you are already have a site by now, you must have known that your content is the best traffic generator for your site and traffic is the blood of your site too. You must provide the information people are looking for in your site, and if you are able to provide them with it, you can have a successful site running up out there. But writing a better one is not an easy job every time and you have to keep several things in mind while writing the article for your site. I’m sure the following tips or hints will be a great help for you to increase your site's quality. Make sure to check them out:

1.Research, Research and research

If you are not well known or not confident enough to carve your posts smartly, research a lot. In such cases, what I usually do is I find out several articles about my topic in internet and download and print them. I then sped my time reading all of them carefully and highlighting the important part of them. I sketch a rough article or draft. Then when I start my actual writing, I keep all those articles spread around me and I try to include the highlighted points. Try this trick. It is very easy, effective and not much time consuming. This is the best trick I use myself to write down the posts.

2. Personal, engaging and straight

While writing posts, consider making them more personal engaging and straight. While you write your posts, add your personal touch and tone. This encourages the reader to continue reading and it makes them feel that somebody personally is teaching themselves. Make your post engaging, by trying to involve interesting facts, examples and blueprints. But always remember to put your thoughts in a straight manner so the readers aren’t distracted. Writing in points and help you doing this. Try your best to make your posts reader friendly too!

3.The KISS technique

I did not invent this term but at least, this is my one of the favorite abbreviation in blogging. It is the short form of KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE. Yes, always keep your post simple and short and meaningful. Long posts may get your readers bored so make your post compact while also interesting because people nowadays want a lot of things very fast. You blog will be appreciated if you keep your site post short and simple.

4. The title of your post

As Daniel Socosso said, Until you carve out your title smartly it will be the first and last thing that your reader will read on your blog. Title summaries your post and encourages to read the rest of the article. A catchy and unique post title makes your half business done and it is equally important as your post’s body. No matter how nicely you write your post body, if your title is bulky and boring, nobody would want to read your post. So don’t ever hesitate to spend as much time you can with your headline and come up with the best matching title for your post. Take suggestion from family and friends, do some research and use suspicious and staggering words that can easily drive the attention of the reader of your blog and have the best title you can ever think of.

5.The more you edit the better the content gets.

If you try this one, I’m sure you’ll really have a nice article with you. What I do to all of my posts is when I prepare a finished copy of my post, I do not publish it straight away. I keep it for a while (about 2-3 days) and work on other posts. Meanwhile I often have look on that post, read it and edit my the post. I do it many times and more I edit my article, consequently the better it gets. It helps you to have better content than the time you wrote it.

6.Final Proofreading.

Grammatical, informational, spelling and other types of blunders in your post can hamper it’s quality a lot. It can also decrease the reputation of the blog and blogger himself. So don”t rush to hit that Publish button just yet. Try to check for every kinds of errors and if there are any, correct them immediately.

Remember that the popularity, reputation, traffic’s volume and your success as a blogger depends upon how you write and carve your content.These steps are really very very effective and they help you to come up always with better content. So be consistent towards your content of your site and watch the success coming your way.

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